Getting Fit The “X-Man” Style

When you have it all, people call you a hero. You may think that it is impossible to get a physique that is perfect by all means, but actually, it isn’t that hard if you do it the right way. Hugh Jack man plays the roles X-MAN and Wolverine, and both of them get much appreciation, and people inspire to get that one day. The training that actually gets him there is not fancy in any way, it is simple and old school.

His trainer, David Kingsbury, had him into a routine in which he had to build his strengths on all the basic lifts like bench press, squat, and deadlift. The way he trained was to start with light movements so that the body would get used to it and then gradually he added weights to it. There are basically four weeks of that routine, and in the last week, the training is again brought to light level to allow the person to recover. The techniques are all old age such has supersets and circuits to give an intense workout to the muscles so that they are able to lose the fat that is on them and get muscles later. You don’t have to fantasize about all the modern age workouts that you see in magazines because Jack man himself said that it is better to be functional than just bulking up. Jack man’s training is rather balanced, and he usually avoids the hard exercises that involve machines, etc.

The directions are somewhat like this;

You have to do each workout only once every week and then repeat that for about eight weeks. The weights that you use on the lifts will also follow a certain weekly progression to give it a smooth flow.

The loads that you have to use on the bench press, squats, and deadlift will differ every week. To start off, you first need to see the amount of weight that you currently weigh at your maximum. 95 percent will increase that amount of weight, and the increased amount will be your maximum for the whole program. The additional weight will be then equally divided between the weeks. The breakdown of all the days is done below showing which workouts will be done on each day:

Day 1:
You will be doing bench presses first. In this, you will lie on the bench and hold the bar with both your hands placed at shoulder width. Lower the bar to an extent and take it back.

Dumbbell shoulder press will be next, hold the bar at shoulder level and lift it accordingly.

Behind the neck press will also be done along with Cuban press, triceps dip, lateral raise and shoulder circuit.

Day 2:
This will have both front and back squats, along with single leg press, calf raise, and AB Wheel rollout.

On this day you will do the weighted pull-up, inverted row,  incline dumbbell curl and biceps circuit.

Day 4:
This will have dumbbell press and cable flye along with triceps circuit.

Day 5:
This will have weighted deadlift, Romanian deadlift, heavy squats and barbell landmine.